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About the Friends of Hascombe      

Welcome to the Friends of Hascombe.

Founded in 1958,we aim to foster the community spirit within the village by arranging social events throughout the year. These include village suppers, skittles matches, the family fun day and the village vs the pub cricket match. We also care for our village and its environment, carrying out repairs and maintenance work to support the upkeep of the village.

Projects we’re proud of:

Recently we have replaced the goal posts on the village playing field and restored the Pound to its former glory. We are responsible for draining and clearing the pond and planting the lawn and surrounding plants and trees which you can see now. We have sponsored charities particularly where residents are involved and have, in the last few years, donated to Action for Medical Research, The Phyliss Tuckwell Hospice, Tommy’s and Great Ormond Street Hospital.

All funding raised  is re-invested back into the village unless specifically stated. This is put towards hosting fun and exciting social activities or to boost the village environment with projects such as those mentioned above.

We rely on the generosity of the village to fund all of our activities. We would like each adult in Hascombe to donate just £3 per year to help us to continue our work. All additional donations are always very much appreciated.

Who  are we?

Chairman   Mr David Pite    The Roke   208409

Secretary   Mrs Sally Davis    12, Mare Lane  208470

Treasurer   Mrs Shirley Jeffrey   Markwick Cottage 208302

Programme Secretary  Miss Trish Fleetwood   Wheel Cottage  208396

Committee   Mr Ted Dwyer, Mr Dennis Evans, Mrs Alison Robbins, Mrs. Rowan Benn

All support is very much appreciated. If you fancy helping us to make any of the events a great success then please don’t hesitate to contact any of the above.

Living in Hascombe;

Should you be looking for further information about daily village life; the below document details social clubs, services available, a bit of who’s who and key emergency numbers.